How We Recruit Our People

Acquiring the best talent is paramount for business success, as it creates a mutually beneficial partnership leading to increased revenue, enhanced brand reputation, and long-term growth opportunities. 

In addition, we understand how important your people are for your business. That’s why we strive to be an Employer of Choice in the Philippines so that you know your teams will be taken care of.

Our recruitment process is not a secret, and we want to share our best practices that ensure we find the best team members. Here is a summary of what we do:

  • Vet hundreds of resumes daily
  • Interview for technical skills, behavioural competencies and core values
  • There is always a client interview because you get the final say
  • We have a curated talent pool to decrease the time to fill

Precise Evaluation of Applicants

We recognize the significance of the human touch during the recruitment process. Our talent pool has expanded over time. It comprises of thousands of resumes ready to be carefully evaluated for new opportunities. While we leverage cutting-edge online recruitment software, we pride ourselves on giving each resume personal attention by one of our dedicated talent acquisition team.

By meticulously assessing applicants, we strive to identify the finest talent that resonates with our company values, vision, and our clients’ needs. Our thorough evaluation process ensures that we build a team of exceptional individuals ready to contribute to our collective success, fostering a dynamic and innovative work environment.

Bridging Connections at Liveware Labs

We embrace curiosity throughout our recruitment process. We encourage candidates to ask thoughtful questions, fostering an environment of open dialogue and genuine interest in their potential role with us. Embracing curiosity enables us to find the perfect fit for both our team and the candidates, resulting in a thriving and collaborative work culture.

The Interview Process

At Liveware Labs, we strive to make the interview process straightforward and stress-free. Most communication will occur via email. Our process typically includes two interviews to get to know the applicants better and evaluate their suitability for the role.

  1. First Interview: Once the applicant passes the initial assessment, an interview with our Liveware Lab’s talent acquisition team will take place. This is an opportunity for us to know their story, understand their skills, and learn what they seek in an employer. Remember, we are looking for a good fit for the client, Liveware, and the candidate.
  2. Client Interview: After we conduct the first interview to assess candidates for job fit and culture fit, we will present you with ideal candidates. Keep in mind that as the hiring manager for the outsourcing project, your involvement is vital in helping us secure the best talent for your team.     

During the client interview, you’ll have the opportunity to meet candidates, evaluate their suitability, and work towards establishing a mutual agreement that aligns with your business objectives. These interviews usually last between 15 to 45 minutes and serve as the final stage of the recruitment process.

At Liveware Labs, we are committed to finding the perfect match between our candidates and your business, ensuring a harmonious and prosperous journey for both. Our transparent and inclusive interview process reflects our dedication to building a talented and cohesive team.

We are excited to assist you with your business growth. Allow us to support you and hire your outsourced team. Schedule a call today!

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