Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance

Our banking and finance services comprise an extensive array of solutions for the banking industry. They are created by experts to help banks and financial institutions to formulate strategies to provide enhanced customer experience, explore new opportunities, maximize cost of support, and improve efficiency of business processes.

We have proven that our solutions are effective in reducing risks, driving business growth and achieving long-term benefits.

We use the best tools in the industry to connect banks with their customers and improve their business relationships.

We understand the need for information security and our array of solutions operate in an environment that is highly secure. Our clients enjoy their improved productivity and savings by using our solutions, such as process transformation, standardization, and strategic automation.

With our years of industry experience and the support of experts who understand the role of the banking and finance sector, we are able to provide the right tools to introduce process automation that limits the occurrence of mistakes, improves services, and enhances customer experience.

Liveware Labs can help you with account management, remittances, fraud prevention, account onboarding, account servicing and maintenance, reconciliation, account opening, risk management and fraud detection, collections, drawdown services, remediation services, dispute settlements, payment services, underwriting and credit operations, and digital helpdesk.

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