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Businesses are nothing without their customers

As global competition clashes with local and regional Australian organisations, customers find they have more options. This is changing how buyers interact with companies and what they expect from the brands they give money to. Customers increasingly turn to social media to learn how organisations take care of their customers and tell others when companies are not keeping their promises, especially when things go wrong. One unhappy customer can quickly spread their unhappiness to thousands.

The ability of your customer support team to promptly, empathetically, and satisfactorily resolve issues has never been more critical.

At Liveware Labs, we understand this. Our customer support management experts work hard to build a call centre Philippines that will help you:

Connect with your customers

Strengthen relationships through meaningful and effective conversations

Resolve issues before they blow up on social media

Meet customer service and retention KPIs and business goals

How call centres Philippines support businesses

At the end of the day, to deliver excellent customer service, you need to be whenever and wherever customers need you. That means 24/7/365 phone support along with multichannel customer service technology like chatbots, chat, social media messages, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Our customer service experts have decades of experience designing customer support infrastructure with the latest technology. We hire, train, and manage your outsourced call center Philippines team. These skilled customer service representatives provide consistent, branded customer service to your customers. This enhances your ability to meet modern customer expectations.

Not all call center companies in the Philippines can say this. Call centre outsourcing Philippines has never been easier or more effective than it is through Liveware Labs.

Liveware Labs call center companies in the Philippines provides you with live chat support, so you never miss a customer query again.

Maximise ROI by always being available when your customers need you. Call center Philippines becomes your offshore premium brand ambassador, helping you meet your KPIs and SLAs. They can even free up your onshore agents to manage more complex calls.

Liveware Labs builds cost-effective customer service Philippines for organisations in various industries.

Talk to one of our Partnership Experts and start designing your team(s).

No organisation gets everything right 100% of the time. The good news is most customers do not expect perfection. They want a company to acknowledge its mistakes and fix them—with as little hassle as possible.

Liveware Labs builds a BPO contact center in Philippines staffed with skilled agents who can deescalate tense emotions to resolve issues, so that all customers feel listened to and valued by your organisation.  

You’ve done everything possible to maintain business continuity during a crisis or disruption. Despite your best efforts, the unexpected is inevitable, and it impacts customers. At Liveware Labs, we have helped some well-known brands navigate a crisis with composure while listening to and supporting customers.
At the same time, this reduces the strain on your in-house customer support team, BPO Philippines great for your employees too!

Every customer has their own unique needs. What makes them feel loyal is equally individual.
The skilled customer service representatives in your BPO call center Philippines learn your brand and products inside and out. At the same time, Liveware Labs collects data through your CRM and other customer service technology to understand what will make each individual feel appreciated. This allows agents to create highly personalised brand experiences that delight and generate loyalty.
Some of the technologies we are experts in:

  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho desk
  • Intercom
  • Front
  • Freshworks
  • LiveChat

Let us do what we do best and allow your organisation to thrive

Your workforce is most likely one of the highest costs to the business. Free up cash flow by outsourcing routine tasks to Liveware Labs experts, who will supplement your own resources with BPO contact center in Philippines.

Our teams have been in customer service for years. They live and breathe it. Take advantage of their years of experience, and the results will follow.

Throughout the outsourcing journey, you have access to expert advice from our Customer Service Managers. Unlock new possibilities and scale to new heights.

Outsourcing will reduce your operational expenses by up to 70%. Imagine what your teams could achieve when these funds are reinvested in the organisation.

For years Liveware Labs has been increasing customer satisfaction rates for clients in different industries. Allow us to take your customer satisfaction rates to the next level.
Interested in learning how Liveware Labs can help scale your organisation through BPO Philippines call centres?

We are experts on the leading chat tools out there

Liveware empowers your organisation with the workforce needed to drive success. Our recruitment teams find the rockstar talent required to support the technology you are already using, making onboarding and training a smooth process. Whether you use Zendesk, Zoho desk, Intercom or other platforms, we customise our services to support your team.
We make customer support outsourcing Philippines easy and a logical choice for enhancing customer experience.
Once you sign off on your premium team, our IT team configures the team’s tech set-up according to your requirements. This paves the way for your Learning and Development team to train the team on your brand identity.

Use your technology to its full extent by adding brain power and soft skills. The result

Reduced first response time

Reduced chat duration

Increased first contact resolution (FCR)

Increased customer satisfaction

Use our knowledge to reduce operating expenses and simultaneously increase your customer experience.

At Liveware, we are privileged to lead chat support for a variety of industries. Throughout our journey, we collect best practices and distribute them through our knowledge base, continually improving the success our clients experience through live chat and call centre Philippines.

Your team should have access to your carefully designed templates. But a human touch goes a long way. In chat support, our agents ensure that your customer knows they are talking to a human.

Clients reaching out through chat support are likely looking for a quick solution to their queries. Therefore, chat support should be more informal, concise and easy to understand. Our staff has years of experience answering chat messages. They understand how to respond to your customer’s questions effectively to resolve queries faster.

Your customers recognise tone and consistency, so it is vital to the success of your customer experience. Take time to strategise, train your staff on brand tone, and provide templates and scripts that match.

Consistency is key, so your knowledge base should be up-to-date and accessible to everyone in the organisation. Liveware has supported customer service teams globally by building training guides to keep consistent.

Build your team in 4 easy steps

Help us understand the specifics of the role that you are outsourcing. With our job specification form, we guide you through this process. To guarantee that we are finding the best talent for your organisation, we ask you to provide:

  • Job responsibilities;
  • Candidate qualifications;
  • Personality traits;
  • Experience levels;
  • KPI expectations. Once we fully understand your needs, we will form a strategic outsourcing plan tailored to your organisation.

Our strategic plan includes team growth, the desired goals and how we plan to achieve these goals. Our approach lets you understand and forecast your outsourcing journey with Liveware Labs.

 Leave it with us. Our expert recruiters, led by some of the best corporate recruiters in the industry, will start vetting and interviewing candidates for you. We will introduce our top 3 candidates per open position once we qualify them as the right fit.

We will not hire anyone unless you sign off on their capabilities. Once we have carefully selected our top 3, you have the opportunity to meet with the candidate for a final interview. When you give us the green light, we will offer the position to the candidate. Throughout the onboarding process and the outsourcing journey, you are in control.

 We will make sure your team members have the tools they need to thrive. A state-of-the-art office space, a high-speed computer and basic training from our end to ensure our processes and company culture are understood. Then it is over to you for your company training and process handling.

When you build your call center Philippines with Liveware, you can be assured that your talent has the know-how and the skills to elevate your service levels. Want to know more about how outsourcing can lift your organisation to the next level? Get in touch, and one of our Partnership Experts will reach out within 24 hours.

Get in touch and discover what we can do for you.

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