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What does a customer service Philippines representative do?

Philippines Customer Service Outsourcing with Liveware

A customer support Philippines representative interacts directly with your customers in whatever capacity aligns with your business goals. They can answer questions, skillfully de-escalate strong emotions, resolve customer issues quickly and satisfactorily, and process orders. Depending on their role, they may also share information about your latest products that could best solve your customer’s problems.

Customer support is your customer’s first interaction with the company after becoming a customer. In the eyes of the customer, we represent your brand’s dedication to its customers.

Customer support is also responsible for documenting these interactions in a CRM for follow-up, cross-departmental communication, and quality assurance. This role is, therefore, critical to your customer retention strategies.

At Liveware Labs, our customer support outsourcing Philippines experts recognise that when you’re considering customer support outsourcing Philippines representatives, you want people skilled in customer support. This allows them to take on these significant responsibilities seamlessly.

Every customer support Philippines representative Liveware acquires for your company is skilled in the following:

  • Maintaining composure and a “can-do” attitude
  • Ensuring each customer feels listened to
  • Understanding resources and offerings inside and out and how your customers use those products
  • Communication with customers across channels (e.g., social media, email, SMS, WhatsApp messages)
  • Keeping good records on the CRM so that they and others in contact with that customer can pick up where the last person left off, as needed.
  • Shifting between responsibilities effectively.

When does outsourcing work?

Customer service is a perfect match for Outsourcing. 

For example, you may maintain an in-house customer support team for phone-based support. However, they’re often overworked and struggling to maintain service level agreement (SLA) standards when trying to manage chat support as well. 

In this instance, Liveware Lab’s experts hire and train customer support outsourcing Philippines representatives who can supplement your team. This outsourced team manages chat support across chat channels, freeing your team to dedicate time to supporting customers on the phone.

Along with chatbot technology, this eases the stress of your in-house team, improving productivity and employee retention while meeting customer support standards.

Let us do what we do best and allow your organisation to thrive

Your workforce is most likely one of the highest costs to the business. Free up cash flow by outsourcing routine tasks to Liveware Labs experts, who will supplement your own resources with BPO contact center in Philippines.

Our teams have been in customer service for years. They live and breathe it. Take advantage of their years of experience, and the results will follow.

Throughout the outsourcing journey, you have access to expert advice from our Customer Service Managers. Unlock new possibilities and scale to new heights.

Outsourcing will reduce your operational expenses by up to 70%. Imagine what your teams could achieve when these funds are reinvested in the organisation.

For years Liveware Labs has been increasing customer satisfaction rates for clients in different industries. Allow us to take your customer satisfaction rates to the next level.

We are experts on the leading chat tools out there

Liveware empowers your organisation with the workforce needed to drive success. Our recruitment teams find the rockstar talent required to support the technology you are already using, making onboarding and training a smooth process. Whether you use Zendesk, Zoho desk, Intercom or other platforms, we customise our services to support your team.
We make customer support outsourcing Philippines easy and a logical choice for enhancing customer experience.
Once you sign off on your premium team, our IT team configures the team’s tech set-up according to your requirements. This paves the way for your Learning and Development team to train the team on your brand identity.

Use your technology to its full extent by adding brain power and soft skills. The result

Reduced first response time

Reduced chat duration

Increased first contact resolution (FCR)

Increased customer satisfaction

Some of the technologies we are experts in

We handle the training. Our customer support Philippines representatives frequently work with:

Use our knowledge to reduce operating expenses and simultaneously increase your customer experience.

At Liveware, we are privileged to lead chat support for a variety of industries. Throughout our journey, we collect best practices and distribute them through our knowledge base, continually improving the success our clients experience through Philippines customer service outsourcing.

See some of the game-changers that we have spearheaded so far:

Your team should have access to your carefully designed templates. But a human touch goes a long way. In chat support, our agents ensure that your customer knows they are talking to a human.

Clients reaching out through chat support are likely looking for a quick solution to their queries. Therefore, chat support should be more informal, concise and easy to understand. Our staff has years of experience answering chat messages. They understand how to respond to your customer’s questions effectively to resolve queries faster.

Your customers recognise tone and consistency, so it is vital to the success of your customer experience. Take time to strategise, train your staff on brand tone, and provide templates and scripts that match.

Consistency is key, so your knowledge base should be up-to-date and accessible to everyone in the organisation. Liveware has supported customer service teams globally by building training guides to keep consistent.

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