A Success Story of Outsourced Support for a Large Financial Advisor Group


Liveware Labs played a pivotal role in assisting a large financial advisor group in overcoming challenges related to growth, increasing operational expenses, and enhancing customer service. This case study highlights how Liveware Labs’ comprehensive suite of services, including consulting support, customer service agents, EOD report generation, and KPI structuring, proved instrumental in driving success and efficiency for the financial advisory firm.


The financial advisor group experienced rapid growth. Because of this growth, it encountered several hurdles that necessitated expert guidance and specialized support. The primary challenges faced by the company were:

  1. Growth Strategies: The company needed robust growth strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities and expand its market presence effectively.

  2. Increasing Operational Expenses: Scaling the business while keeping operational expenses in check was becoming increasingly complex locally and demanded a tailored offshoring approach to maintain profitability.

Services Delivered:

  • Consulting Support: Liveware Labs deployed a team of experienced consultants who worked closely with the financial advisor group’s leadership to identify growth opportunities, assess market trends, and develop a comprehensive growth strategy. The consultants brought fresh perspectives and data-driven insights, enabling the company to make informed decisions and align its business objectives with current market demands.

    • KPI Structuring: To ensure optimal performance tracking and operational efficiency, Liveware Labs collaborated with the company to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to their specific needs. These KPIs empowered the management to evaluate the performance of various business aspects, identify bottlenecks, and continuously improve processes, thereby driving sustainable growth.

  • Customer Service Agents: Recognizing the significance of exceptional customer service in the financial advisory sector, Liveware Labs provided a dedicated team of customer service agents. These agents underwent rigorous training to understand the firm’s products, services, and values, enabling them to deliver personalized and professional support to clients. Outsourcing customer service enhanced client satisfaction and freed up the company’s internal resources to focus on core competencies.

    • End-of-Day (EOD) Report Generation: Liveware Labs implemented a streamlined process for generating EOD reports, facilitating the financial advisor group in monitoring day-to-day operations and financial performance effectively. The accurate and timely EOD reports proved invaluable in making data-driven decisions, identifying potential areas of improvement, and maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

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