Customer Service and Contracts Services for an Internationally Renowned Travel Group


This specific case study focuses on an internationally renowned travel group that faced challenges in managing its customer service operations due to increasing demand. In addition, their contracting department was facing quality assurance problems which resulted in losses. The company initially started in Liveware Lab’s outsourcing with two teams, each consisting of three people, responsible for customer service and contracts. However, as demand grew, the company had to scale up its operations to handle the workload efficiently.


The primary challenges faced by the travel group were as follows:

Increased Demand

The company’s range of services expanded through a merger with another large travel group, leading to a substantial increase in customer service inquiries and contract analysis tasks. This surge in demand exceeded the capacity of the in-house team, necessitating additional support.

Consulting Support

Alongside managing the rising demand, the travel group also required consulting expertise from Liveware Labs. The aim was to explore and implement the best practices and industry trends, optimizing their business processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Quality Assurance

The contracting component of the operations needed more quality control. The internal processes were extensive but lacked the practicality of spotting mistakes early. Because errors were missed, the company incurred losses.

Resource Constraints

Expanding the in-house customer service and contract analyst teams proved to be a resource-intensive endeavor. Liveware Labs was approached to provide a viable solution to optimize time, effort, and resources while maintaining immediate service quality during the expansion phase.

Discover how we solve their challenges above:

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