Employee Spotlight: HR Manager

We believe that our employees are the heart and soul of our organization. In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Zea Garcia, our HR Manager – a remarkable team member who adds incredible value to our team.

Get to know Zea through this short interview.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Liveware Labs.
I’m Zea. I joined Liveware almost a year ago, and my role here is to partner with both the people and the business to align and work towards our goals and ensure strategic delivery of high-quality HR services for all stakeholders – our employees, clients and our Company as a whole.

Q: What do you like the most about working here at Liveware Labs?
With Liveware, I am excited to go to work every day as I feel like I serve a purpose. On top of that, the people are great, I love my colleagues, and my boss and the senior leadership team genuinely care about us, the employees, and that makes my job as an HR Manager easier… when the Management truly has the people’s wellbeing at heart. Liveware’s Core Values around Professionalism, Accountability, Collaboration, Family and high standard of Ethics is really in the Company Culture’s DNA and it creates such a positive work environment.

Q: Can you share a project or achievement at Liveware Labs that you’re particularly proud of?
I have worked on many projects at Liveware already, which has made my experience extremely exciting and rewarding. But my top two, I’d say, are revamping the Performance Management Programme and launching the Employee Wellbeing Survey. For me, these projects have impacted improving the overall employee experience at Liveware and driving performance.

Q: How do you maintain a work-life balance while giving your best at work?
It helps that the senior leaders at Liveware respect my personal time, which supports me in getting the perfect balance between work and life. I feel that if you love your job like I do, work and life blend together. The key is to manage your time and energy effectively, stay organised and collaborate with your amazing team and colleagues so that work is more efficient and no area in life gets neglected. 

My family, especially my husband, is also my strongest support system. He’s all in for my career growth, and sometimes, I lean on his advice and knowledge to make the right decisions and take the best steps at work.

Q: Finally, tell us something unique about yourself or a fun fact that not many people know!
One of my favourite TV series is a Japanese anime called One Piece. My friends and colleagues have introduced this to me, and I’ve been watching it since then up to now.

Join us in giving a big shout-out to Zea for being such an essential part of our Liveware Labs family. We’re grateful for your dedication and hard work! Wanna join our team?

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